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“Ok, so what’s this going to cost my organization?”

The short answer:

$50.00 / month / site
(after 60-day free trial)

The not-so-short answer:

OK, so it’s not really $50.00 a month, it’s actually $25.00 + $25.00 a month.

The base fee for the application is $25 and the pull-tab “module” is $25. This is so that, as we add all kinds of other awesome features, we can price them individually so that you’re only paying for those features that you actually need.

If you pay for a whole year at once, you get access for the whole 12 months for the price of 10 months!

The real answer:

If you really want to know “what’s this going to cost my organization?”, the answer, in net dollars will likely be a large negative number.

For about the cost of one deal of pull-tabs, or about one shift’s worth of wages, or what you likely spend on paper and ink, or the extra gas mileage driving around town…

…you will be selling more games, spending less time, saving paper, saving drive-time, reducing errors, cutting down on shortages, and more — per site.

Check out the screenshots below for more feature detail and check out: