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Charitable Gambling Manager introduces a whole new way to do things. What you used to do by hand, what you used to be on paper, and what used to be scattered (and stuck!) at various locations all over town can now be automated, securely stored digitally, and be always at your fingertips. You used to have to wait days or weeks to get good information on how your operation was doing. Now you can know instantly, as it’s happening.

This application will help your organization:

  • Save money and time
  • Save paper and ink
  • Improve internal controls
  • Improve transparency
  • Improve accountability
  • Minimize errors
  • Minimize shortages
  • Ensure compliance
  • Save money on headache and blood pressure medicine!

Unlike traditional desktop applications, Charitable Gambling Manager is a web application, meaning that it runs on a web server (like Facebook or your online access to your bank account) and is accessed through a web browser (on a desktop computer, a laptop, a netbook, an iPad, a tablet PC, your smartphone and, soon, probably your toaster too).

This has many advantages:

  • There is on software to install
  • There are no updates to install
  • It isn’t stuck on a single computer
  • You can access your data in real time
  • Your data is professionally secured
  • Your data is backed up automatically
  • You can set up as many user accounts as needed
  • You can carefully control user access
  • It is constantly being improved by an active gambling manager

While there are good software applications for preparing your end-of-the month reports and point-of-sale software applications for managing pull-tab booths with cash registers, there has always been a gap for those of us who prefer to use one cash drawer per pull-tab container. For many sites, entering every sale could slow down sales so much that it would adversely effect profits.

Instead, Charitable Gambling Manager takes a different approach. It helps you manage your pull-tab operations from invoice, throughout play, and helps you get it into your reporting software accurately.

With Charitable Gambling Manager you can:

  • Import your inventory accurately with DISKPOST files from your distributor
  • Verify and move inventory with a barcode scanner (or by typing the serial number)
  • Open deals
  • Put deals in play
  • Remove deals from play
  • Preform quick, efficient, and accurate shift changes, while maintaining full accountability
  • close deals
  • Audit deals
  • Deposit deals
  • Record bank deposit records
  • Mark deals as reported
  • Perform physical inventory
  • Automatically generate PDF reports for
    • Perpetual inventory
    • Physical inventory
    • Deal tracking
    • Deal auditing
    • Barcodes (if printed on a laser printer)
  • Automatically track seller hours
  • And more!

Check out the screenshots below for more feature detail and check out:

Don’t see a feature that you’re just dying to have? Let us know! Drop us an email at Support@MNCharitableGambling.com or post your idea to the Ideas section of our forum. And don’t worry, we’ve got tons of ideas too. We’re planning all sorts of goodies that you can expect in the near future.