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Between the smoking bans, dragging economy, rising prices, and ever-increasing regulation, we charitable gambling organizations are being squeezed every which way. For too many of us, we don’t have the time, energy, resources, or tools to manage our operations as well as we know they could be. Some days, it feels like it manages us!

Isn’t it about time?

Almost every industry in the country has been helped immeasurably by the awesome power of modern computers and the internet. Sadly, the charitable gambling industry in Minnesota is sorely under-served in this regard.

MNCharitableGambling.com to the rescue!

This is where we come in. MNCharitableGambling.com is bringing the full power of computers and the internet to charitable gambling in Minnesota so we can all do what we do best: serve our communities. Designed, built, and run by a web developer / gambling manager / volunteer firefighter, we know where you’re coming from–because we’re in the same boat.

No shortage of problems in need of real solutions

Let’s see, in the last year, have you ever…

  • been frustrated by needless paperwork errors
  • made unnecessary trips to your pull-tab booth, the office supply store,
    or to a co-worker’s house
  • wished you could pin down where you are making and losing money
  • been left in the dark because of poor communication channels
  • gotten stuck without a certain game or a certain form in stock
  • wondered how you can possibly go through that much paper and ink
    in a month
  • been unable to make informed decisions because you didn’t have the data
    you needed
  • spent all day trying to figure out an audit that just doesn’t add up

I know I have and I’m sure we could all add to this list many times over!

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Charitable Gambling Manager, a web application by Minnesota Charitable Gambling, Inc.

With Charitable Gambling Manager, you won’t believe the way you used to do things. What used to be frustrating and painful is now a breeze. But don’t believe us — see for yourself!

Check out the screenshots below and have a look at: