“Charitable Gambling Manager” Web Application Launches

November 15, 2010

I know some of you have been waiting to get your hands on this and were a little disappointed that we were keeping it all to ourselves testing it for so long. The wait is over. Now everyone can enjoy the power and ease-of-use of the Charitable Gambling Manager web application.

We’re very excited to be releasing it into the wild for everyone to benefit from. The sellers that have gotten to use it over the last 7-8 months during testing have fallen in love with it. They can’t imagine how they ever did their job without it.

We’ve developed a ton of awesome features allowing you to effortlessly manage your pull-tab operations from invoice, throughout play, to auditing, conducting inventory, compiling employee hours, generating PDF reports, and helping you enter it all into your end-of-the month software.

Because the day-to-day on-site pull-tab paperwork is one of the most painful parts of the charitable gambling operation and the biggest area without many good software tools to help, we decided to focus on this aspect first — but don’t think we’re done there! We’ve got lots more in the works that we’ll be rolling out in the near future, including modules to handle the conducting of tipboards, bingo, raffles, and paddlewheels and then, of course, allowing you to manage your checkbook, donations, and monthly reports.

So stay tuned. There’s tons of exciting stuff on the way. We’re working very hard to make your job easier, quicker, and more profitable, all while making compliance a cinch.

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